Healthcare facilities and hospitals are supposed to run 24/7 and 365 days a year, ensuring all in and out-going patients are treated well. However, since Canada is one of the many countries that sees heavy snow and ice storms, it becomes imperative to hire snow removal services to clear snow outside any given healthcare facility. This ensures all the patients and visitors can drive down or walk to the facility with ease, especially when there’s an emergency. Here are four benefits of snow removal for healthcare facilities:

Freeing Up Access to Entry and Exit Points

Even after a heavy snowfall, the chances of snow accumulating inside the hospital building are slim. However, snow accumulation on entry and exit points can make things go south pretty easily. Snow building up in entryways will prevent patients and visitors from entering the building. This can prove to be a great hassle if there’s a high-risk patient who needs immediate attention, but the ambulance can’t reach the entrance of the building due to excessive snow.

Commercial snow removal services done by Facility Managers like GRM Inc. put greater priority around areas with higher footfall, i.e., entry and exit points. If there’s no snow in these high-footfall areas, the chances of someone slipping reduce considerably.

No More Slipping and Falling Outside Healthcare Facilities

Hospital premises around the building see a lot of traffic – medical and non-medical staff, patients and visitors. If you ignore or delay plowing, shoveling and de-icing of snow, instances of people slipping and falling become extremely high.

This will result in injured people, heavy bills for treatment, and potential lawsuits against the hospital for negligence. This is an avoidable situation when having the contracts in place with your winter services company.

Snow Removal in Parking Lots

Another high-traffic area in any healthcare facility is the parking lot. As in the case of entrance or exit points, the chances of falling due to snow and ice at parking lots are exponential as well. In addition to traffic, having a 24-hour use of parking can add to the degree of difficulty in keeping your parking areas safe.

As one of the best property maintenance services in Canada, we are equipped with all the tools, anti-ice, salt, and equipment needed to remove snow and ice build-up, even from the trickiest of places, professionally.

Quick-Response Snow Removal Services

Unlike shoveling snow off a driveway outside a home, clearing snow outside a healthcare facility is a drenching task, especially when the footfall is higher during the day and visibility is lower during the night. You are running a healthcare center that should be functional 365 days a year, so there’s no explanation for negligence. GRM Inc. offers quick-response snow removal services, ensuring access to various healthcare facilities is easy and safe. We service over 2000 properties, with more added every year, and have a proven track record for outstanding property maintenance for hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

At GRM Inc., we understand that you need the best property management company that offers snow removal services and more for your healthcare facility and hospitals. Do contact us to get a free quote, and learn about the array of our services that includes but is not limited to snow removal, de-icing, Asphalt Repair, landscape maintenance, Crack Sealing, Property Maintenance Contractor, Hilti Fire Stopping, Commercial Plumbing, Concrete Floor Coatings, Commercial Power Washing, sealants, and caulking, to name a few.

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