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Commercial Landscape Turf Maintenance

We supply all plant material and products, machine and manual cutting, trimming, seeding, edging, disease/weed/pest/small animal control, over seeding, sodding, aerating, de-thatching, top dressing, watering, grading, fertilizing, soil testing, winter damage repair and spring clean up.

Commercial Landscape Tree and Shrub Maintenance

We include all trees/shrubs located within the boundaries of the contract. We supply all plant material and products, watering, disease/weed/pest/small animal control, fertilization, cultivating, edging, pruning, thinning, brushing, trimming, guying, staking, mulch placement and removal, tree shrub removal (including stumping and removal from site). Planting to replace dead or stolen plants, installation and removal of winter protection for designated plant material. We will not fall, cut, log, damage, destroy or remove any trees/shrubs without prior signed consent.

Ground Covers and Climbing Vines

We include all ground covers and climbing vines located within the boundaries of property.

Flowers, Bulbs and Perennials

We will keep your flower beds and bulbs healthy and free of weeds through pruning, thinning, bed maintenance, edging and weeding.

Commercial Landscape Civil Maintenance

We keep all pathways, parking lots, and sidewalks clean and free of debris. We can advise and quote you for any maintenance required, or safety issues to be addressed on your property.

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