A chemical drain cleaner may be the easiest and quickest way to get rid of clogged drains, but it is a solution that only causes a bigger problem. The chemicals used in these cleaners consist of sodium hydroxide or sulphuric acid, which immensely impacts humans, the environment and the property. People generally use this hack to save money, but in reality, they are inviting significant expenses. Read on to know why you must stop using chemical drain cleaners on your property:

Harms Living Beings

Chemical drain cleaners contain deadly chemicals that can severely affect human and animal health. For example, using these chemicals without gloves can cause rashes, redness, burns and corrosions to your skin. Also, if kids consume them accidentally, it can cause severe fatalities; in fact, only inhaling the smell of these chemicals can cause breathing issues. These chemicals can temporarily solve clogged drains at the cost of your health.

Damages Pipes

Sulphuric acid is solid and corrosive enough to break down organic materials, grease, oil, hair, etc., which clears clogging. Since these chemicals are corrosive, they can severely damage your pipes. Regular use can even form small holes in the pipes, rendering them useless. This further triggers plumbing problems like clogging, internal leakage, pressure fluctuation, etc. Eventually, you will then have to replace your pipes, which can be a more expensive affair.

Impairs the Septic System

Your septic system consists of organic matter separating oil and grease, i.e., floatable material from solid ones. When you use chemical drain cleaners, they enter your septic system and kill organic matter that breaks down the waste. This further affects the septic system’s functionality, making it ineffective over time. Eventually, you will have to contact professional plumbers to repair or replace your septic system.

Harms the Environment

Sulphuric acid ends up in landfills, resurrecting in the water system. This water is further consumed by plants, animals, the soil and humans. Therefore, we end up consuming the same chemicals we use to treat clogged drains. Also, excessive usage of these chemicals can make the land infertile and affect the biodiversity of nature, damaging the overall ecosystem.

Increases Expenses

Regular use of sulphuric acid can harm your health, property and plumbing system in the long run. It will start corroding your pipes and septic system, and since plumbing systems are intricately connected, all plumbing appliances will be impacted. So what’s saving your money presently will only be invested in replacing or repairing the plumbing system.

The best solution is to reach out to a professional property maintenance expert who will use advanced equipment to solve your clogging problems. GRM Inc. offers property maintenance services and uses top-notch technologies to fix your commercial plumbing issues effortlessly. We provide maintenance services for all seasons, so your property stands strong. Connect with us now.