Educational institutions in Canada employ many people in the country. From high school to college to university, these institutes provide a place for students to learn and teachers to educate. Along with the growth of these institutions comes the need for snow removal services to help keep them clean and safe. Below are three reasons why educational institutions need snow removal services:

1) Putting Safety First

A clean campus is not just professional looking, but it helps keep students and teachers safe. With a proper snow plan, there will be less snow on the ground. Pedestrians are safer crossing paths and have access to safe walking. A snow plan means there will be no need for employees to park outside the campus and walk over large areas that have not been cleared yet.

2) Saving Money

Sometimes, bad weather conditions might lead to the accumulation of snow outside the school or university premises, blocking the entrance and exit to the facility. The snow outside often accumulates faster than it can be cleared away from parking lots, walkways, or stairs. When this happens, schools risk having classes canceled or injuries may occur due to negligent planning costing the educational institute money. In such a situation, it is important to have dedicated and comprehensive snow removal teams that not only know how to execute a professional snow plan safely but also carry specific snow liability insurance. They will easily sort out the mess and avoid any closures of the facility.

Additionally, snow removal can save the educational facility money over time if it saves janitorial costs and prevents potential accidents. It may also help improve the image of a school as a well-kept campus appearance shows visitors that the institution takes pride in itself and pays attention to details.

3) Preventing Liability

Preventing liability is the most obvious reason for snow removal companies to be hired by educational institutions. The last thing an institution wants to deal with during the winter months is an injured student or parent suing them for slipping on ice or snow. The snow can also become a safety hazard for those who must traverse it regularly, including bus drivers and maintenance personnel. The liability associated with injuries or accidents due to dangerous conditions can be devastating.

Snow removal is necessary for many educational institutions, particularly near busy streets or sidewalks. Most educational institutions are designed to accommodate many students and employees. Schools, universities, libraries, and other organizations that cater to students need snow removal services more than anyone else. Professional maintenance companies know that the little details matter. Taking before and after photos, having site maps identifying problematic areas, logging proof of presence, and having timestamped logs not only show due diligence but provide top-level services to keep schools running and save them money in the long run. So reach out to GRM Inc. and we will take care of all your snow removal and anti-icing needs. With years of experience, we have catered to educational institutes such as Okanagan College, UBC Okanagan, and SAIT. Contact us to learn about our innovative products and services to meet your institute’s specific requirements.