In the wake of winter, nearly every part of Canada sees a surging demand for anti-icing salt. This year is not unlike any other, except if you stumble upon sources reporting any shortage of ice-melting salt, then, unfortunately, it is true. This season, many commercial ice and snow management companies are facing a scarcity of anti-icing salts, with recurrent reports of heavy snowstorms hitting the turf of Canada. This is because a majority of anti-icing salt suppliers prioritize highway authorities and municipalities for roadway anti-icing, which in turn leaves a minimal amount of supplies available for commercial properties.

A similar appalling circumstance of salt shortage arose five years ago. With brutal winter hitting Northern America, Canada saw an exponential increase in demand for anti-icing salts. The worse conditions were stretched to capacity, so much that people resorted to using the limited salt supplies over the main roads while the secondary pavements saw a layer of sand. Albeit not of the same degree, this year’s winter has reiterated the 2014 crises of salt scarcity.

According to reports, it is nearly impractical to import calcium chloride flake or magnesium chloride from overseas due to the depleting supplies.

Factors Hindering the Availability of Salt

Ocean freight poses an infeasible value that exceeds the cost of the product itself.

Due to production problems in Germany, the German producer of magnesium chloride, DEUSA, has been off the line, stretching the time period up to 3-6 months.

The slow process of mining permit renewal in Europe has continued to limit production in the Netherlands.

While China does have these products, they are extremely challenged to reach the US competitively at this time.

An adequate amount of anti-icing salt rests in warehouses to last this season but might soon drain out, leaving little to no salt for the upcoming winter. In such dire conditions, a large number of suppliers are inclined towards allocating their salt to their tight-knit circles and perpetual customers. This will lead to a severe shortage of flake for ice and snow management companies that cater to commercial properties and private organizations.

Where to Find an Anti-icing Salt Supply for the Upcoming Season?

Pre-ordering prior to the beginning of the following winter season is a wise decision so that you can get your hands on the salt for your commercial property, way before the supply runs out. Furthermore, a surge in demand in the upcoming months is likely to lead to an inflated increase in the prices of salts, influencing people to pay double or triple the original amount in order to safeguard their property.

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