Studies have found that a lawn, flowers, trees and water features at an educational institute promote a sense of calmness and relaxation. It is imperative because students and teachers alike often deal with constant pressure, be it of studies, assessments or exams to come. 

On the other hand, a school or college needs to carry out essential landscape maintenance services to ensure that its property is easily accessible, safe to walk through and has a good appearance. Let’s dive into six services that you should get done at your school or college for its betterment.

1) Mowing

Mowing is an essential landscape maintenance service that helps remove grass and weed overgrowth. A professionally cleaned and polished lawn looks pristine instead of the weedy-looking lawn with overgrown grass that looks unkempt. Students and visitors in a school would prefer a fresh-cut and polished lawn. As a rule of thumb, property owners should get mowing done at least once a week during the grass growing season. 

2) Spring Cleanup

As you might have noticed, spring cleanup usually starts after the winter and prepares for the upcoming growing season. This landscaping maintenance service essentially involves cleaning debris, a 360° lawn checkup and repairs if anything goes south. There’s also a complete landscape bed cleanup where a pre-emergent herbicide is applied to prevent the germination of weed seeds. It also involves cleaning up any perennials that were left after the winter. It is basically an overall shakedown of the debris to make lawns look refreshed.

3) Bed Maintenance

If landscape upkeep around an educational institute is your part of the job, bed maintenance is an essential service to go through. Proper bed maintenance ensures that the shrubs in your lawn are healthier and in an environment with fewer weeds. The professionals will remove leaves, twigs, sticks, trash and anything unwanted to keep the bed aerated. A pre-emergent herbicide is applied to cure the unwanted growth of weeds. Overall, this is a much-needed step toward landscaping. Additionally, edging is done to give a lawn a lean and polished appearance.

4) Fertilization

Fertilization is much required for keeping the grass in its healthy form. Fertilizers are sprayed across the landscape that adds the required nutrients to the soil, such as nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. Unless you are overfertilizing, this process ensures that the grass is healthy, lush and green in appearance as opposed to brownish or yellowish color in the event of no fertilization at all.

5) Mulch

Mulch consists of dead plant remains such as grass clipping, bark, leaves and compost. A layer of mulch is applied to the bed that aids in the soil’s moisture retention and temperature. It puts all the needed nutrients the shrubs need while ensuring weed growth suppression. If that’s not enough, root compaction can be achieved with mulching that limits the structural damage due to mowers or trimmers.

6) Regular Inspections

The end goal of a good landscape maintenance program is to ensure that it is free of any weeds, the edges and lawn are polished, aerated and getting enough fertilization and mulch, among other things. A frequent inspection of the property can ensure that schools and colleges have a top-notch landscape without compromising the appearance or quality. 

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