If you have an ordinary-looking, dull slab and are looking for a way to transform it, then water-based concrete stains prove to be a cost-effective and simple method. Using water-based concrete stains is beneficial for the applicator and for the end-user as well. To give you a better understanding of why you should use water-based concrete stains, here is a look at the top benefits of using them from an aesthetic and functional point of view.

Aesthetic Benefits of Water-Based Concrete Stains

With water-based concrete stains, you get a broader colour palette. You also have the option to blend or dilute colours to a higher degree. Moreover, with water-based concrete stains, you can decide how opaque or solid the colour can be based on the amount of water added. You can also achieve vibrancy with water-based concrete stains that can further add to the aesthetic appeal of the concrete slab.

Additionally, water-based concrete stains do not discolour or fade over time. They also don’t change colours due to exposure to UV rays.

Functional Benefits of Water-Based Concrete Stains

Water-based concrete stains provide a large number of functional benefits. Firstly, they are easy to apply. They also do not need any cleanup after application. Water-based concrete stains also have low VOC content. Thus, they do not cause any adverse health effects on the workers and visitors on the property. Lastly, water-based concrete stains do not crack, craze, spall, or delaminate over time when applied to properly-prepared concrete surfaces.

While water-based concrete stains provide a host of benefits, they also have certain limitations. Here is a look at them.

Limitations of Water-Based Concrete Stains

Water-based concrete stains require an experienced, artistic applicator to give them a visually-appealing look. If you don’t find the right person to do the job, the surface may look like a painted floor.

Similarly, water-based concrete stains are not the best choice if you are looking to develop graphics using stencilling. Sometimes the stains can seep under the stencil and spoil the look of the design.

Most water-based stains need to be locked in with a sealer that needs to be sprayed. If you roll the sealer instead of spraying it, it can leave marks on the surface, damaging its look.

Water-based stains prove to be a good option for giving your concrete slab a refreshing new look, even though they have certain limitations. With the right professionals, you can easily overcome them and have an aesthetic, durable, and functional concrete slab, using water-based concrete stains. If you are looking for professionals for this service, contact GRM Inc. We have served over 3500 sites in Canada, undertaking various property management and maintenance works, including water-based concrete stains. Give us a call right away!