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Have your asphalt repaired, swept and painted in preparation for the year ahead.

Lot Sweeping

GRM offers professional sweeping services for both roadways and parking lots. Our Dustless Sweepers, Skidsteer Mounted Brooms and experienced operators can tackle sweeping jobs of any scale quickly and effectively.

Line Painting

The lines on your roadway or parking lot will fade and disintegrate over time. To ensure that safe and orderly use of your road or parking lot, GRM offers line painting services for organizations and businesses throughout Western Canada.

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Crack Sealing

The most common reason for pavement failure is moisture penetration. Cracks in your asphalt allow moisture to penetrate underneath the surface, which causes premature pavement failure. Failure to prevent water penetration results in further cracking, potholes, and eventually expensive repairs or full repaving of the area.

GRM's team can seal the cracks with a polymer/bitumen sealer to prevent further cracking, and prolong the life of your asphalt.

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Asphalt Repair

GRM is equipped to handle a wide range of asphalt repairs. From small pothole repairs, to larger scale projects requiring tear out, base work, and re-paves - we do it all.

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Shot Blaster

From surface prep to blasting

Whether you’re looking to prep or decontaminate industrial flooring, perform surface maintenance, or blast asphalt, our Blastrac 10DPS75-230 can get the job done. The Blastrac’s 10 inch blasting width, 98 feet per minute travel speed and a dust collector attachment make it perfect for jobs of any scale. The Blastrac is rented with an experience operator to ensure that your project is completed safely and effectively. For more information, please contact GRM.

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