A commercial property in any area can suffer serious damage from heavy snowfall or ice. Post winter, it is best to address these issues first to reduce further damage. An attractive landscape will enhance your property’s appeal as well as protect property owners’ return on their investment. When it comes to your outdoor environment, the safety of your commercial property is also crucial. Commercial property managers need to maintain safe, reliable grounds that meet the needs of any season as the chill of winters slowly begins to melt away over the next few weeks. Below are nine outdoor maintenance tips for commercial properties in the spring:

Maintain Water Drainage and Irrigation Systems

Apart from tripping hazards and flooding, stagnant water can cause damage and the breeding of disease-carrying insects. Maintaining the safety and integrity of your commercial property requires routine irrigation and drainage/catch basin inspections to prevent any problems from building up over time.

Inspect Parking Lots for Cracks/Unsafe Conditions

It is no surprise that a neglected parking lot can pose a variety of safety hazards to local drivers and pedestrians. Commercial property owners must make sure their outdoor parking spaces remain of high quality to protect their staff, clients, and communities. Additionally, winter gravel and sand can build up and cause tripping hazards as well as bring dirt and debris into your building. A professional lot sweep takes care of the winter dirt and dinge to give your parking lot a fresh look.

Try Line Painting

Line painting helps regulate traffic on your property so drivers can follow the road regulations from the entry to the parking lot as well as from the parking lot to the exit. Properly marked roads and lots also increase safety for both drivers and pedestrians on your property.  Additionally, you can maximize the efficiency of your parking space and reduce any possible accidents in your driveway.

Inspect Your Property for Noticeable Winter Damage

Each spring and fall, it is important to carefully examine the physical conditions of your entire property, from potholes and debris to rotting trees and deterioration of weather seals on your building envelope. Performing seasonal maintenance routines is not only a great way to prevent further damage to your property but it ensures that your property is safe and looks as professional as possible to the public.

Cut Dead Branches, Remove Litter, and Clear Debris

When commercial businesses take proactive steps to remove any hazardous materials from their premises, they contribute to a safer environment for their communities while also maintaining a professional, trustworthy image to prospective clients. A business can get a poor reputation if its appearance is unkempt.

Trim Any Dead or Decaying Trees

The harsh conditions of the winter season often result in split, dead, or rotting trees as heavy ice builds up. The damaged trees will continue to pose a danger if they are not removed. Tree problems can also result from harmful insects and diseases that can kill trees and spread to other plant life, so commercial property owners do well to manage their trees and shrubs during the season.

Maintain Your Grass

In a poorly managed lawn, mice, mosquitoes, and other vermin find shelter and have a place to hide, posing a high risk to human health. A well-maintained lawn can benefit your commercial property with more than just curb appeal at the end of winter. If lawn maintenance is a challenge for your property, consider an eco-friendly, low maintenance zero-scaping.

Trim Landscape Beds and Mulching

Your commercial property will look outstanding if you apply a fresh layer of mulch each spring. This keeps flowerbeds and plants looking much cleaner because winter causes the mulch to break down and summer causes the color to fade.

Get Your HVAC Serviced

Make sure a knowledgeable HVAC technician regularly services your commercial HVAC system since the system must provide heating and cooling consistently and reliably without experiencing significant downtime. When you need it most, HVAC maintenance ensures your cooling system is in good working condition.

Our team of industry-leading professionals at GRM Inc. is committed to providing high-quality spring maintenance services that ensure quality consistency throughout the year. We maintain a strong commitment to the health and safety of your employees, clients, and communities. Call upon us to ensure a safe and reliable environment in your commercial properties for the spring season.