I am an experienced Director with a demonstrated history of working in B2B relationships and consumer product marketing. Skilled in Marketing Direction, Integrated Technology Marketing and Operations Management.

Working with mission-driven people and products is my jam. I get energized by telling stories and sharing a brand’s passion with people that can benefit from the product or service. As a marketer, I believe technology has taken us full circle where we can now focus on customers’ needs in personalized conversations, instead of just pushing what we want to sell. Using marketing technology responsibly to better our customers’ experience will ultimately strengthen our brands and build successful long-term relationships.

As a Marketer I am proud to be part of the GRM management team, working with a team of customer service-driven professionals providing valuable community services.

GRM is Western Canada’s largest single-source service provider and contract manager for property maintenance. GRM is a multi-faceted service provider to various industries through GRM Facility Contract Management as well as GRM Sealants and Coatings. GRM has created strong ongoing business relationships with municipalities, commercial, retail, and strata properties as well as private institutions and government agencies.