Traffic/Floor Coatings

Epoxy Floor Systems


Description & Features: Selby Series are 100% solids epoxy polymer systems. These systems are specially formulated for areas requiring an increased level of chemical resistance, light to medium traffic, UV-stable, abrasion-resistant, low VOC requirement, with a high gloss finish.

Uses: For use in such places as a cafeteria, laboratory, aircraft hanger, commercial business, warehouse, industrial building, clean room, on floors and walls.

Benefits: This series has good light reflectivity, many colour options, economically priced lowering the installation cost, increased level of chemical resistance, light to medium traffic, UV-stable, abrasion-resistant, low VOC requirement, with a high gloss smooth finish producing an easy-to-clean surface.


Description & Features: Selbatwede series consists of a two-component 100% solids epoxy-resin binder with colored quartz aggregate. Can be used as a binder in slurry/broadcast system. The colored quartz imparts a slip-resistant surface that can be varied by the applicator.

Uses: For use in such places as a light to medium traffic area, general commercial floor, locker rooms, auditorium, restroom, shower, corridor, cafeteria, laboratory, classroom, lobby.

Benefits: This series is designed to have a low installed cost, unique decorative surface with a large variety of colours, low VOC with good chemical resistance.

Polyurethane Concrete Floor Systems

UCrete Series

Description & Features: Ucrete® HF is a three-component polyurethane-concrete flooring system. This troweled, monolithic flooring system is installed from 1/4 – 3/8" or greater. The thickness is determined by the service and cleaning temperatures and the severity of traffic expected. Ucrete® HF floors are extremely tough and have many physical properties that exceed those of typical concrete. This floor is thermal shock resistant, fast curing, high bond strength, chemical resistant, slip resistant and a all-round “work horse” of all flooring applications.

Uses: For use in such places as a meat, poultry & dairy plant, bottling facility, pharmaceutical plant, commercial kitchen and restaurant, pulp & paper mill, chemical processing facility, waste-water treatment plant, freezer or cooler, wintery, and other areas where the floor requiring high function, high impact, thermal shock.

Benefits: Resists streams of continuous hot water cleaning, minimizes down time, low VOC, tolerates organic and inorganic acids, salts and alkalis, handles extreme traffic (forklifts, vehicles, pedestrian), exceeds that of typical epoxy overlays, with a proven track records over 30 years of project references.

Methyl Methacrylate Floor Systems

SRS Degadur Flooring Systems

Description & Features: The SRS series is a methylmethacrylate self-leveling flooring system for use in areas that require a quick curing, decorative floor. The quick installation process makes this flooring system ideal for food service, public assembly facilities or industrial facilities where minimal downtime is required. SRS is an impervious, seamless flooring system, where dirt and spills will remain on the surface and are easily removed by most regular cleaning procedures. The unique chemistry of the SRS system provides a full cure in one hour or less for each component and provides a permanent chemical bond between each coat.

Uses: For use in such places as a hospital (operating rooms and sterile corridors), public assembly facility and stadium, warehouse, industrial environment and areas that require a high level of sanitation.

Benefits: This series is designed to be fully cured in 1 hour, seamless & Impervious, UV resistant, receives a decorative quartz or flake broadcast, excellent chemical resistance, can be installed in extreme temperature conditions, long term colour performance, NSF registered, easy to sanitize, clean and maintain.


Concrete Sealants

GRM Provides Sealants, Coatings, and Caulking services for Commercial Businesses, as well as residential buildings across Western Canada.

Indoor or outdoor - our team of experts know how to combine functionality and aesthetics ensuring hassle-free maintenance and safety for staff, visitors, and residents. 

What we can do for you:

- Food Grade epoxy floor coatings for production areas and wine shops

- Food grade cementitious urethane floor coatings for production areas

- Food grade sealants and waterproofing for kitchen and production areas

- Exterior building sealants for improved climate control and to prevent entry of pests/rodents/insects

- Anti-slip coatings for tiles and concrete where public or employees may be at risk of slip and falls

- Waterproof membranes for suspended slabs/underground parking and pedestrian decks

- General concrete repair and repair of aggregate walkways

- Concrete spalling repair


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