GRM Foamstream Eco-Friendly + Herbicide Free


Welcome to the future of Weed Control

Highly effective method of controlling weeds

  • Visibly kills annual weeds rapidly
  • Can work by itself, or as part of an integrated strategy over the course of a weeding season
  • Uses natural foam to keep heat on the weed long enough to kill it
  • Backed by independent research from the University of Cambridge and NIAB

Easy and efficient to apply

  • Precision application via a handheld lance on the MW-Series ensures surrounding vegetation isn’t damaged
  • No specialist protective clothing required
  • Eliminates the need for expensive professional training
  • Doesn’t need pressurised storage with associated maintenance cost ​

Safe for unrestricted use around children, pets and sensitive environments

  • Made from natural, sustainable plant oils and sugars and contains no harmful active ingredients
  • Foam biodegrades quickly, leaving no residue
  • Not a herbicide – confirmed as outside the scope of EC Regulation 1107/09 by the Chemicals Regulation Directorate (CRD)
  • Reduces the amount of contaminants in watercourses
  • Approved for use on organic production systems by the Soil Association and Organic Farmers and Growers Association. 

Avoid costly delays due to wet or windy weather

  • Doesn’t wash away with rain so can be applied and remain effective in poor weather
  • Density of the foam ensures no drift in windy conditions
  • Prevents downtime and allows for more accurate workload planning

How Foamstream Works

Foamstream is a mixture of hot water and biodegradable foam made from natural, sustainable plant oils and sugars which can be precisely applied to weeds using the MW-Series delivery system.

1.) Heat is applied to the weed in the form of hot water and foam

2.) The foam acts as a thermal blanket, keeping the heat on the weed long enough to kill it

3.) A wetting agent in the foam speeds up the rupture of the weed’s cell walls

4.) The weed dies rapidly

5.) Repeated applications can reach tap roots where their eradication is required


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