Anti-Ice Control

What is Anti-Ice?

Anti-Ice is the GRM trade name for anti-ice and anti-dust products denoting manufacturing and distribution for road maintenance. Anti-Ice is made from calcium chloride which has moisture attracting properties. Anti-Icing prior to snowfall or freezing rain prevents snow and ice from adhering to roadways or sidewalks. It reduces the use of sand and the amount of labour it takes to ensure that roadways and sidewalks remain safe. Eliminating the use of sand on sidewalks means not having to clean up sand from traps and lawns, reducing the total number of maintenance man hours and the mechanical maintenance needs of automated doors, elevators and escalators.

Global Roadway Maintenance has been developing proactive winter maintenance programs since 1997, utilizing the experience of ICBC test projects and perfecting application techniques to achieve the desired results. With our anti-icing products, you can increase safety and lower costs by preventing the formation of bonded ice and snow.

For almost 20 years GRM has been utilizing the most successful service programs and the newest, most effective anti-icing products for snow & ice control. Our services have proven extremely effective regardless of Mother Natures weather challenges.

How does Anti-Ice work?

A fine layer of liquid Anti-Ice acts like a “Teflon” coating to keep the snow from sticking, packing hard, and becoming ice.

Anti-Ice is an odorless and not quite clear liquid solution with a viscosity resembling whole milk. Depending on the use and the time of year, it may be blended with various anti-corrosion or temperature lowering additives.

When applied to a surface up to seven days prior to a winter weather event, creates a protective barrier that has a freezing point lower than water. In some cases that freezing point can be engineered to be lower than -60º C. This barrier prevents the formation of black ice or of snow adhering to the surface and enables traction. Anti-Ice also physically changes the texture of snow giving it traction and non-slip properties. When Anti-Ice Flake is applied in a reactive situation, begin a melting action. The larger crystals, through the action of gravity penetrate the ice layer to the surface of walkway. The protective features of Anti-Ice travel between the surface and ice layer loosening the bond for easier ice removal.

Advantages of the Anti-Ice Program at a glance:

  • Melts ice effectively at -25ºF (-32ºC)
  • Safe passage for the public/customers
  • Property preservation - no damage to pavement, sidewalk, grass, foliage etc.
  • Less abrasion of pavement and line paint
  • Employee health and safety (reduction in W.C.B. claims)
  • Prevention of costly slip and fall accidents
  • Reduction of spring clean-up and elimination of dust problems
  • No catch basin clean out

Calcium chloride products are safe and friendly to the environment year round:

  • Safe to use and not a restricted material in transport
  • Significantly less toxic than magnesium chloride; calcium chloride is a common food ingredient found in beer, cheese, canned tomatoes, olives, cherries and pickles
  • Less toxic to aquatic life than oil, lignosulfonate and dish soap
  • Does not bioaccumulate or have the potential to contaminate the food chain
  • May be 80-90% less corrosive than road salt
  • Penetrates the road surface quickly and doesn’t leave an oily or powdery residue after its use
  • Minimal impact on water, air, plants and wildlife
  • Has a negligible effect on concrete

Anti-Ice Flake for Sidewalks

In addition to the liquid anti-ice used on roadways, and parking lots, GRM uses Anti-Ice Flake on sidewalks for melting snow, penetrating ice, and for increasing traction.

Anti-Ice is the active ingredient in Ice Melter with the best combination of speed and duration in ice melting.
It generates heat for a synergistic effect to make other ingredients perform better and improves effective temperature to – 31ºC.

It is used:

  • Extensively in the environment by highways departments for de-icing and dust control (gravel roads)
  • As fertilizer in agriculture
  • As a food additive; a safe and proven ingredient

An environmentally inert blue marker shows were the product is applied and reduces incidence of over-application
The dye is water-soluble and UV sensitive and leaves no colour residue

The blue coloured Lime Stone Action Grid gives instant traction and lasts 7-10 days before it will dissolve.

Services & Dealerships

Dealers will have an opportunity to market unique products, supported with a variety of training, informational and promotional materials to ensure your staff is knowledgeable, professional and effective in developing sales opportunities. The Licensed Dealer Program is designed to support dealers in all aspects of their road maintenance business, to ensure a successful and profitable development of their markets. Our Dealer Network will continue to develop new and effective support programs, as well as offering an expanding line of innovative products and packages that address your customer needs.

Our “Anti-Ice Associate Program” Provides:

  • Anti-Ice products and service techniques developed over the past 10 years with proven results and testimonials
  • Training, certification and ongoing support
  • Negotiated product supply at competitive pricing
  • Equipment specific to industry and financial packaging
  • Insurance program and networking
  • National marketing exposure and credibility
  • Marketing programs – website, newsletters, sales presentations
  • Corporate accounts
  • Co-op marketing programs, local/national

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