What is Anti-Ice?

Anti-Ice is made from calcium chloride which has moisture attracting properties. Anti-Icing prior to snowfall or freezing rain prevents snow and ice from adhering to roadways or sidewalks. It reduces the use of sand and the amount of labour it takes to ensure that roadways and sidewalks remain safe. 

For over 25 years GRM has been utilizing the most successful service programs and the newest, most effective anti-icing products for snow & ice control. Our services have proven extremely effective regardless of Mother Natures' weather challenges. With our anti-icing products, you can increase safety and lower costs by preventing the formation of bonded ice and snow.

Advantages of the Anti-Ice Program at a glance:

  • Will last for 1 – 2 weeks without precipitation
  • Prevents the formation of black Ice or Snow adhering to the surface
  • Melts ice effectively at -25ºF (-32ºC)
  • Safe passage for the public/customers
  • Property preservation - no damage to pavement, sidewalk, grass, foliage etc.
  • Less abrasion of pavement and line paint
  • Employee health and safety (reduction in W.C.B. claims)
  • Prevention of costly slip and fall accidents
  • Reduction of spring clean-up and elimination of dust problems
  • Minimizes catch basin clean out
  • Calcium chloride products are safe and friendly to the environment year-round
  • Safe to use and not a restricted material in transport
  • Significantly less toxic than magnesium chloride; calcium chloride is a common food ingredient found in beer, cheese, canned tomatoes, olives, cherries and pickles

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