GRM selects only the best anti-ice products and manufacturers, ensuring a high standard of efficiency for our clients while keep in mind cost-effectiveness. Our RoadGuard™ Plus anti-ice product is designed to stand up to winter’s harshest temperatures and ClearGuard™ Plus is a top choice for sidewalks and walkways, at home, at the warehouse, or at the office. GRM Anti-Ice Flake is manufactured at our facility in Edmonton and contains limestone traction grit and calcium chloride that’s effective to -23°C.

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GRM Eco-Friendly Weed Control


Foamstream is a new system of controlling weeds that harnesses the power of thermal technology. It kills weeds using a precise application of hot water and foam. Used throughout the amenity and water industries, it provides an effective method of herbicide-free weed control for the first time.

  • Foamstream visibly kills annual weeds within minutes

  • It contains no harmful active ingredients and is not classified as a herbicide

  • It is safe for unrestricted use in sensitive environments

  • It can be applied in poor weather, avoiding costly delays

  • It is easy and efficient to apply 

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