Sustainability + Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions

GRM actively works to be an industry leader in sustainability and site management, using and promoting products and services that are both effective and sustainable. All of the products that we use for anti-icing and snow melting are completely environmentally harmless. The primary ingredient in our anti-icing liquid is calcium chloride. Calcium chloride can be found in fertilizers, food, and even hospitals, where it is used to help people with heart disease. As a replacement for rock salt, calcium chloride is even more effective and much easier on the environment.

GRM utilizes several key initiatives in our ongoing commitment to sustainability:

Among GRM's other products and services, we also seal asphalt and concrete with environmental friendly products that greatly extend the life and thus sustainability of hardscaping, sidewalks, and parking lots.

The GRM Owl

The GRM Owl system allows GRM to actively monitor sites and deploy maintenance personnel while reducing costly on-site visits and checks, as well as the travel and subsequent carbon emissions associated with them. In addition, the camera system allows our command centre - and our clients - to see the site and deploy the necessary equipment needed for maintenance, based on the visuals presented. For example, in regions where weather changes can vary widely from one neighbourhood to the next, our camera system will allow us to call for additional maintenance staff at one location while recommending a reduced team for a different location, as needed.

Environmental Impact

The ability to access live video from virtually any of our sites, along with temperature reporting, gives GRM Inc. the possibility to react faster, better mitigate incoming weather conditions, and reduce the environmental footprint of GRM’s operations. The ability to remotely monitor sites and respond accordingly facilitates a reduction in the need for on-site checks and monitoring, dramatically reducing the carbon footprint involved in transit, travel and manpower costs, un-necessary mobilization of equipment, thus resulting in an increase in efficiency. 

This impressive unit can withstand temperatures as low as -70 Celsius to a high of +40 Celsius.

Value as a sustainable or long term solution 

One of the many benefits of the GRM Owl is increased transparency and client satisfaction.   The clarity of the Mobotix unit is impressive.  Through this innovative reporting and monitoring system, GRM Inc. is able to be more accountable to our clients and ensure a high level of service at all times.  MOBOTIX is sustainable and because it is internet based, there is no downside.  The camera is versatile and has applications far beyond weather and temperature monitoring.  The camera functions can grow based on what the client wants.  At a minimum the initial objective of providing weather information can be sustained as long as there is internet. The fact that we are partnered with Telus means that we will always be part of a leading technology company and that we will be able maintain, improve and develop new MOBOTIX technology.

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