Epoxy coatings offer a diverse selection of versatile and durable products that can be used across many different applications. If you’re looking to give your new or existing business or space a fresh new look, we have colours, textures, and finishes available that will liven up any space. Epoxy floors go well with new, old, or even cracked concrete floors and even acts as preventative maintenance for building owners. Check out the five reasons why you should consider epoxy floors for commercial buildings:

Fast Application

Epoxy floors require minimal interruption or downtime for your project or business than other flooring systems. This means that your commercial building can resume working on the floor where epoxy flooring is done faster.


A commercial building sees a lot of footfall and wear. Epoxy floors are durable and resist constant wear and tear day in and day out.


When walking into a business center or commercial building, lighting and flooring are often considered as the main attractions. As a contemporary to the lighting system, an epoxy flooring would escalate its look cosmetically. Depending upon the color of the epoxy floor and design, the looks can be altered greatly, giving a much-needed PR boost to any commercial building that, in turn, attracts more customers and clients.

Low Maintenance

Unlike tiling or other flooring alternatives, epoxy floors are low on maintenance. They are anti-slip and resist scratches, stains and dirt. At the same time, they clean pretty easily with minimal chemical cleaning solutions. Plus, epoxy floors are chemical resistant, making them a go-to choice for commercial buildings, warehouses, manufacturing plants and laboratories where chemicals are manufactured, stored, transferred, packed, sold, etc.


The cost of epoxy coating per square foot is cheaper than other decorative methods. Since epoxy flooring can be done even on old or cracked concrete, older buildings don’t have to redo their concrete flooring before they opt for epoxy flooring. Plus, the epoxy coating can fill any gaps or cracks, thereby giving the concrete a few extra years before needing a fix. Epoxy floors are outright affordable and their low maintenance adds to the positive return on investment.

Learn more about our complete epoxy floor coating and countertop epoxy solutions by contacting GRM Inc., for we are a leading property management and maintenance company dealing with clients, including international airports, educational institutes, big box stores, and Canada Post, to name a few. Our team of skilled professionals will help you install epoxy floors on your commercial property and also help with repairs and maintenance.