Fire Safety Starts in Construction

2022-09-14T11:21:54-07:00September 5th, 2022|All Services & Products|

Fires are catastrophic events in any place. However, a fire in a commercial building is likely to cause more harm. Workplaces must provide and ensure a safe environment for their employees. Fires can cause irreversible damage, and proper safety guidelines and fire drills ensure no people get hurt. However, in the event of a fire,

Why You Should Book Your Winter Services In The Summer

2022-09-22T10:09:34-07:00August 26th, 2022|All Services & Products|

The serene beauty of a winter wonderland can be an utter nightmare if you are a property manager caught without a licensed and insured contractor to service your properties when snow hits. . Proper upkeep and maintenance during winter are critical to prevent mishaps during the unforgiving cold months. Snow can pile up on your

Why Should Property Managers Invest in Pre-Season and Post-Season Site Inspections

2022-09-01T03:56:34-07:00August 4th, 2022|All Services & Products|

Performing proactive maintenance is estimated to reduce equipment repair costs by 40 to 60 percent annually. Along with a seasonal scheduled maintenance program, a pre and post-season inspection can identify additional areas that may require proactive maintenance or unplanned repairs. Property managers are liable to invest in property investigation and maintenance, whether pre-season or post.

Why Consider Routine Landscape Maintenance

2022-09-01T04:05:01-07:00July 21st, 2022|All Services & Products|

Routine maintenance is closely connected with your business expenses, the health of your customers and employees, and property value. The plants, trees, grass, and flowers in the landscape need utmost care and attention. Otherwise, they are likely to be invaded by weeds, insects, or dead grass, which can multiply and gradually damage the entire landscape.

What to Consider When Hiring a Property Maintenance Vendor for Your Business

2022-09-01T04:00:58-07:00July 12th, 2022|All Services & Products|

The productivity and safety of employees depend on the efficiency of your building operations. Even a broken pipe or unwiped floor can jeopardize an employee's safety and cause them inconvenience. To avoid this, your business needs to hire a property maintenance partner. They will prevent such inconvenience by regularly maintaining the property's interior and exterior

Why Facility Managers Are Saying ‘YES’ to Maintenance Contracts

2022-09-01T04:09:35-07:00July 4th, 2022|All Services & Products|

A maintenance contract outsources facility management to an external company that looks after building maintenance. This vendor could manage and maintain the entire property, including plumbing, technical, landscaping, equipment, or some portion of it. A maintenance contract allows facility managers to simplify their administrative function, budget planning, and daily operations. Accordingly, they can plan a

5 Ways Facility Managers Can Go Green

2022-09-01T04:14:53-07:00June 27th, 2022|All Services & Products|

A sustainable approach has rapidly become a part of the brand's purpose. Many companies are acknowledging environmental conditions and taking active steps to reduce their carbon footprint. This approach is significantly changing the workspace's design as they now incorporate more natural elements to minimize the use of non-renewable resources. This approach benefits not only the

5 Reasons To Stop Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

2022-09-16T01:53:06-07:00June 17th, 2022|All Services & Products|

A chemical drain cleaner may be the easiest and quickest way to get rid of clogged drains, but it is a solution that only causes a bigger problem. The chemicals used in these cleaners consist of sodium hydroxide or sulphuric acid, which immensely impacts humans, the environment and the property. People generally use this hack

5 Things You Should Know About Plumbing

2022-09-16T01:52:12-07:00June 10th, 2022|All Services & Products|

Plumbing is one of the most crucial sectors in managing commercial properties. The usage and requirement of plumbing in commercial properties are always at their peak. However, if this sector gets overlooked by the facility manager, it can put immense pressure on business expenses as repairing water damage is expensive. Also, be it a running

10 Key Performance Indicators for Facility Managers

2022-07-14T08:30:33-07:00June 1st, 2022|All Services & Products|

Key performance indicators, or KPIs, extend from current business goals. Sets of data are used to provide facility managers with important information on the current state of the facilities they manage and give clear indications of their success or failures. They help facility managers identify problem areas before it's too late to correct them. Facility

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